Snow Day!

getaway blog hopThis is the time of year when folks here in north central Montana dream of getting away to warmer places, but not me…not today, anyway. Today I will wrap winter up in a cozy warm quilt made with Island Batik’s new “Icicle” collection, which should be arriving at your local quilt shop right about now.

icicle flatlayIsland Batik supplied me with a half-yard of each of the twenty pieces in this collection, and for the challenge, I had to use some of each of the fabrics. As it turned out,  I only used about half of each piece, so I have written the pattern calling for a “Stack”…a 42-piece collection of 10″ squares…which will give you more than enough 4.5” squares to make this quilt.

The blues and whites, pine trees, deer, and snowflakes, reminded me of Glacier National Park, so I called it “Many Glacier” after an area in the northeast portion of the park.

I built my “Many Glacier” quilt in nine sections:


The main block is a traditional block called “Rocky Mountains”. I enlarged the 12″ block to 16″ (finished sizes).  Sections 2 and 3 have an 8″ version of the Rocky Mountains block, with 4-patches and half-square triangles added.


Next, I constructed the upper left and upper right corner sections. These were made four squares wide, so they match the width of the center block. My goal was to wind up with just a few long seams running diagonally across the quilt. The purpose of the navy and light blue 4-patches is to spread the navy blue from the center block out a little bit. On paper, it seemed to make a “black hole” in the center of my quilt because it’s so much darker than the other blues. It  held my attention too long, so I needed a “squirrel” element to draw my eye out to the blue fields.


The next step was to fill in that center triangle at the top. I had the whole collection of 20-plus fabrics to work with in this quilt, but because I had used the darkest blues in the blocks and “ribbon”, I only wanted to use the lighter blues and just a few of the white prints in the field. I had maybe a dozen fabrics to work with, then, and it was a real challenge to keep the individual prints from winding up side-by-side at some point.


Once the top sections were complete, I started on the lower sections. First the sides, and then that big center triangle. You can see now where the sections can be sewn into three diagonal units, and the units sewn together to complete the quilt top.


I wasn’t planning to originally, but I did wind up adding a 2″ (finished) border all around, because I was sending the top out to be machine quilted, and I was not certain I had remembered to back-stitch all of the seams on the outer edge. I do like how the border allows the “glaciers” to float on the background.

manyglaciertitleMany Glacier is my final quilt for the 2018 Island Batik Ambassadors program, and it just may be my favorite. In addition to the fabulous (and generous) “Icicle” collection of fabrics provided by Island Batik, this quilt was sewn with 50wt 100% cotton thread provided by Aurifil, and is quilted with Hobbs’ Heirloom® white cotton batting, also supplied by the company.

It’s been my honor to serve as a 2018 Island Batik Ambassador, and I am thrilled to announce that they’re keeping me on for the 2019 program!

Ambassador Terri Vanden Bosch also had the Icicle collection. Visit her blog, Meanderings along Lizard Creek, to see what she did with it.

Click HERE to return to the Island Batik blog to make sure you haven’t missed an exciting stop on our “Getaway” blog hop. And remember to sign up for the prize drawing…two of you will win a stack of Island Batik fat quarters!




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39 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Your quilt is stunning! I love the blues, and the cool colors pull me right into the frozen landscape.


  2. heartsease57

    So where would one get the pattern for this quilt?


  3. Dorothy

    I love it. Will there be a pattern? Congratulations for being kept on as an ambassador for 2019


  4. Carla Hundley

    Gorgeous quilt! I
    love the center
    Carla from Utah


  5. Robin RK

    Thank you so much for sharing how you created this interesting and stunning quilt! I’m sure many people can certainly identify with the artic feel your quilt evokes. I have never been to this specific National Park but I would like to. On a trip to Alaska, I stepped onto one but didn’t go more than a few steps due to all dangers the leaders kept pointing out. I wasn’t there to tease or tempt Mother Nature. Thanks again for sharing. Robin


  6. Lisa Marie

    Just beautiful! I love the pop of deeper blues among the icy looking ones. A perfect winter quilt.


  7. Very pretty quilt. That is a nice collection of fabric and it is perfect for your quilt.


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  9. I love your design. I also love the fussy cut center of that main block. It is a perfect focal point for the quilt.


  10. Joyce Carter

    Beautiful quilt. I love all these blues.


  11. Songbird Designs

    Your quilt is lovely. Though I’m a “purple” person, I really like all these cool blues in this collection. Thanks for sharing. Your pattern is really pretty too.


  12. Angela J Short

    Cool quilt! Have a happy day! 🙂 🙂


  13. Lori Smanski

    Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the border you added. It really does make the icicles float. thanks for sharing.


  14. annalutzbrown

    Great quilt I so love your colors and great ideas…


  15. Beautiful quilt, and love the fabric


  16. Stunning! You’ve really shown off this fabric collection. I’m fairly new to quilting so I’ve never seen a quilt constructed that way, but it worked out perfectly!


  17. Verna A.



  18. Oh, I love that they’re floating inside the border, too! I like how you spread a bit of the darker blue around, too. The whole quilt is gorgeous 🙂


  19. Lori Morton

    Beautiful Quilt!! I like the borders too..was a good last minute plan 🙂


  20. Rochelle Summers

    What a beautiful quilt. I do love the way the glaciers float with the white border. But those blues just make my mouth water!!


  21. This is the perfect design for those blues. Your pattern reminds me of the glaciers in our South Island, and those different blues at the lower part are perfect together. What a wonderful way to sew the quilt together. Super cool shades , I feel better just looking at them after a few sweltering days of 30C plus down here.


  22. Wonderful quilt for wonderful fabrics


  23. Gorgeous! You really did justice to this beautiful fabric collection. I love the theme of mountains and glaciers 🙂


  24. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty quilt and congratulations on another year.


  25. Greetings from the cold snowy east coast of Canada. Your quilt is spectacular. I have driven through Glacier National Park, and through Montana, north to south. I think it is one of the most beautiful states I have seen. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us.


  26. farmquilter

    Simply beautiful quilt! I love how you took the fabric collection into account when you made it! I’m looking forward to seeing the pattern and finding Icicle in my local quilt shop so I can make it!!


  27. I love your design!


  28. thedarlingdogwood

    Beautiful! I love that you showed the sections as you worked on them. Such lovely colors for winter!


  29. Cecilia Young

    Your quilt is beautiful! Congratulations for being an ambassador for another year.


  30. Christi

    Beautiful quilt I love the colors and the design.


  31. Stunning! Captures the cold and the beauty of glaciers so well, a real pleasure to behold on this hot day on the other side of the globe!


  32. Your pattern was perfect for these batiks. Fabulous! I am sorry to see the blog hop end, it has been so inspiring. thank you for sharing.


  33. Beautiful quilt! Your pattern is great!


  34. Pam

    Your quilt is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!


  35. Hard to be at the very end, but some of the best quilts were last – yours among them. It is a truly stunning quilt – very glacial and very gorgeous! Congratulations on a wonderful pattern.


  36. Beautiful! I love the fussy cut deer and the on point blocks. You did a fabulous job spreading out the blues. It’s a lovely design. Well done.


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