Plays Well With Others

Quiltmaker Magazine has released it’s latest 100 Blocks special edition!

My contribution to Volume 15 is #1498 – “Showcase”.


“Showcase” by Anne Wiens – 2016

I designed this simple-looking block to show off those medium and large-scale prints that you just hate to cut into little bits. I think the secret to this block’s success is to make sure the background – the dark red in the sample – is a quiet, non-directional tone-on-tone print, because there are some little seams that you want to camouflage.

In the magazine, the editors show a mock-up of a small square quilt, with thirteen Showcase blocks, set on point, three blocks across and three blocks down. When I saw that, I thought this block is not a contender for the title of “Best Block in a Leading Role.” I actually felt a little sad and sorry for the poor block.

Then I began to play around with my QuiltPro software, combining “Showcase” with other blocks from the issue, and WOW- it’s a shoe-in for “Best Supporting Block!”

Here are a few examples:


#1469 “Coronation” by Deborah Johnson

# 1469

This is the same 13-block on-point layout shown in the magazine. I replaced the eight outside “Showcase” with “Coronation” blocks (#1469). Four of the “Showcase” blocks now have a light background, while the center block keeps its dark pink background. If I started playing with colors, I think this would become a real Southwestern-style wallhanging!



#1477 “Boxed Star” by Debbie Martin

# 1477 - Boxed Star

This traditional alternating blocks layout features block #1477. I did change the colors in “Boxed Star”. Neither block is that intricate on its own, but as co-stars, they have a certain “chemistry”, don’t you think? I loved that secondary design where the corners come together, so I pulled that element out into the black border for emphasis.



#1450 “Star Power” by Emily Bailey

Star Power 1

Oh, did I have fun with block  “Star Power”! This is a scrap block in the magazine, but when you’re making the quilt, you get to pick the colors. Again, this is a traditional alternating block setting. I love the Irish Chain vibe!

Star Power 2

I just couldn’t leave this pairing of “Showcase” and “Star Power” alone, and came up with these possibilities.



 #1444 “Two Lips” by Ann Weber

Victory Lane

You’re probably wondering where “Two Lips” went. I wanted to do a layout that would tie into this week’s “Road Rally” blog tour theme. I imagine this quilt starring a race car print in the center of the “Showcase” blocks, with a theme coordinate in the light gray strips between the blocks.  Let’s say the “Two Lips” block makes a cameo appearance here. It gave me the border idea for this layout!

It’s a good thing I had a deadline for posting this blog, because honestly, I’d still be playing with possibilities!

But now, it’s time to give away a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 15.


Leave a comment below and tell me:

How far do you have to drive to visit your favorite local quilt shop?

(Give them a shout-out if you’d like!)

One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday (May 6, 2017)

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112 thoughts on “Plays Well With Others

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  1. Bella Harriger

    I love how well your block “plays in the sandbox” with those other designs. You did well! As for my favorite shop, that is a tough question. I have 2 favorites, but the closest one is only 12 miles away. I’m a luck gal.


  2. Margaret Handlin

    I have 4 shops within 30 miles, but Happy Apple in Tama FL is my favorite, only 6 miles.. Yeah.. Love your block, thank you


  3. Wow! Talk about versatile!
    *Congratulations!* on a great supporting block!
    (I really liked it alternating with the “Star Power” block, for the Irish chain effect!)
    My *very favorite* quilt shop is Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor! It’s 90 miles away from me, but I have family in Ann Arbor, so it’s a happy trip downstate for me! (I’m so lucky!… I can always order online, but I have Brenda and staff hold it for me to pick up… I love to stop by and visit in person!)
    Pat T.


  4. Vicki D.

    Your block and Star Power is my favorite combination. They go so well together. Thanks for showing the different choices. Snip and Stitch is only 10 minutes away. It’s a lovely store.


  5. Great job of showing us how to use your block with so many others. It is fun to see all the possibilities. My favorite quilt shop just closed and it was only 15 minutes away. The bad news is that my next favorite is 40 minutes away. The good news is that it is Primitive Gatherings! What a fabulous shop!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kay

    doing the blog hop late but did want to share my nearest shop… Stitch’n Quilt is just 5 miles away…takes maybe 15 minutes to get there but the fun part is I have to cross a one lane bridge plus the Concord Covered Bridge… fun way to fun shop 🙂


  7. Hi Anne, I’m late to stop by and comment, however I just saw how you posted a picture of Showcase combined with my block, Boxed Star, and I just had to tell you how much I love it! Thank you for including my block, and for your great idea of showing how blocks can work so well together. ~Debbie

    Liked by 1 person

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