Quiltmaker Magazine Rolls out “100 Blocks, Vol 13”


…and my block, “Wheel Around” is right there on the cover:


"Wheel Around" by Anne Wiens - 2016

“Wheel Around” by Anne Wiens – 2016

People who know me well will be surprised that I designed a paper-pieced block, because I have never been a fan of paper piecing. In fact, I used to flat-out hate it.

Then I took a class with Carolyn McCormick, who invented the Add-a-Quarter® tool. I had the original ruler in my toolbox for years, but come to find out, I had been using it incorrectly! So I don’t hate paper-piecing anymore. It’s still not my favorite piecing technique, but I don’t shy away from it when it’s the best option.

Last spring, Carolyn introduced a new Add-a-Quarter Plus®. The “Plus” is a beveled edge that eliminates the need to use a separate straight-edge to fold the paper before trimming. Follow the links for more information.

The Wheel Around block I submitted to Quiltmaker is made in four colors, but it can also be made in two-color and eight-color variations (I’m not counting the color in the center of the “wheel”.)

You will need four copies of the pattern page for each block.


Make one copy and measure for accuracy. The top and side seam lines (not the outside trim lines) should be 6″ long.

Note: The patterns in the magazine make a block that “spins” clockwise. If you prefer a block that spins counter-clockwise, use the mirror-image feature on your copier to flip the pattern before printing.

"Two color" Wheel layout.

“Two color” Wheel layout.

For the two-color wheel, I chose three shades of teal green. The lightest will go in the center. I made one copy of my pattern page and left it intact, then noted which pieces would be Dark, Medium, or Light teal. The unmarked pieces will be white. I made each of the four quarter units in the same colors.

2-color "Wheel Around" block

2-color “Wheel Around” block

The eight-color block is more complicated:


For the 8-color block, I arranged the colors, then laid out four copies of the pattern and wrote the colors for each piece right on the pattern I used for piecing.

8-color "Wheel Around" block

8-color “Wheel Around” block

So there are three options for the block itself. I’d love to see what you do with it.You can email me at sweetgrassdesigns@yahoo.com or “Like” my page on Facebook to share your photos.

I have one project in the works, and a couple more on the drawing board.

I can’t show them to you now, but be watching for the Fall 2016 issue of Quilts from 100 Blocks!

Before you head back to the Quilty Pleasures blog to continue today’s tour, please leave a comment below. One lucky visitor will receive a free copy of 100 Blocks, Vol 13 from Quiltmaker Magazine, and I will throw in an Add-a-Quarter Plus® combo pack, containing the 6″ and 12″ tools!

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145 thoughts on “Quiltmaker Magazine Rolls out “100 Blocks, Vol 13”

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  1. Very cute block…I can lots of color combination possibilities.


  2. JoyceLM

    Great block. I love foundation paper piecing. Thanks.


  3. Emily C

    I love the teal version. What a pretty shade.


  4. Nancy

    Congratulations on your block being selected. I’m learning to like paper piecing more and more.


  5. Darlene B

    What a fascinating block!


  6. Pamela R

    Lots of possibilities…fun! I would love the plus version of the ruler. I use my old one all the time.


  7. Annie

    I very much like your two-color teal block. And I’m glad you didn’t give up on paper piecing!


  8. usairdoll

    WoW! What a striking block! So neat! Congratulations on having your block included in Vol. 13.

    Thanks for a chance to win.



  9. Chris

    I like this block. I will have to give it a try. Maybe in blue and green.


  10. Cathryn H

    Like the block – reminds me of a card trick block – only circular. Thanks for sharing


  11. Very nice block. It’s different and unique. I just bought an add a quarter ruler at my LQS. They are hard to find. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Lori Butler

    Your block is so cute. I’ve got to give paper piecing a try.


  13. kathy pfaltzgraff

    I hadn’t heard what Carolyn did to made the ruler “plus”. She’s a clever lady. And I have recently finished one of her feathered star blocks, so appreciate her work. And I like how you think, also, clever block. Thanks, Kathy in colo


  14. Judy

    You have come up with a very interesting block and I especially like the two color wheel.


  15. Great design and love the different colorways!


  16. Barbara Young

    I really like the 2 color wheel. I think that the other wheel might be fun with the colors of the rainbow and maybe white.


  17. kathy Leake

    Nice block! Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the magazine.


  18. Michelle Taylor

    Your wheel around block is so neat! So many ways it could look with different colors!


  19. Amber Volk

    I like the two color version the best! Definitely going to try that.


  20. catskillquilter

    Congrats on your block! I love both colorways!


  21. It is a great block that you can make look different in a quilt. Those rulers are the best to use. Makes the job easier…


  22. Allison Evrard

    Love the block!


  23. Kathy h

    I love paper piecing so was glad to see your cute block. And I never thought of using the copiers’ reverse image before! Great tip for that.


  24. That is a neat block! I like it in both the two color variation and in the rainbow colors.


  25. Debbie P

    Cute block with lots of possibilities!! Thanks for showing the options!


  26. Jen B

    I love your block – especially the teal version.


  27. I am just learning to paper piece. I really like the teal version of your block.


  28. Karen in Breezy Point

    I have an aversion to PP also–maybe I need a class-LOL!


  29. What an awesome block. i am partial to just about anything with teal in it.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  30. What a beautiful block


  31. Sue

    Neat looking block. I’d have to try the three color first to get the “hang” of it.


  32. debra moxley

    The most different quilt block I have seen. Looks complicated but might try it sometime.


  33. Your block makes me think of the old 45’s. Did I just date myself?


  34. Sandy W.

    What an intriguing block. It looks very complicated, but doable with paper piecing.


  35. Nancy Green

    A great looking and intriguing block!


  36. Cathy Wilson

    What a great block! I’m still on the fence about paper piecing but this block may change my mind!


  37. Reall enjoy paper piecing. Great square.


  38. Lisa E

    I love the movement in your block. Very nice!


  39. I’m curious about what this would look like when the blocks are joined together!


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