900 and Counting – Quiltmaker Rolls Out A New Issue


Welcome to “Seams Like a Plan”!

If you’re reading this, you are no doubt looking for sneak peeks at the blocks included in Quiltmaker Magazine’s new special issue, 100 Blocks, Volumn 9.

Well, here’s mine:

"Common Thread" by Anne Wiens

“Common Thread” by Anne Wiens

It’s called “Common Thread” and is block #900, the last block in this issue, which should be on your newsstand next Tuesday. Of course, if you leave a comment at the end of this post, you could win a copy!

The prototype block is made from all scraps.

I kept a scrappy theme, but changed up the coloring just a bit for three quilt ideas.

The first quilt is pictured in the 100 Blocks designers’ gallery section. A friend gave me a yard of a print featuring cats “helping” in the sewing room. “I saw this and knew you had to have some.” she said. I have the best quilty friends in the world!

"Spools & Bobbins 1" features a center panel of cats "helping" in the sewing room...just like my three do! (2013 Anne Wiens)

“Spools & Bobbins 1” features a center panel of cats “helping” in the sewing room…just like my three do! (2013 Anne Wiens)

You should see the quilting on this piece. I gave it to Tiffany Barcus at Unique Quilting. I told her it had a Victorian vibe to me, and I only had one request…that she quilt a spiderweb in one corner. It’s a common theme in crazy quilts popular in that era. She had carte blanche with the rest of the quilt. She obviously had a lot of fun!

You’ll notice that while the blocks in “Spools & Bobbins 1” have various pinks, the corner diamonds have the same blue and green fabrics.

"Spools & Bobbins 2" by Anne Wiens (2014)

“Spools & Bobbins 2” by Anne Wiens (2014)

I have to be honest. I don’t love this top as much as I had hoped I would. They say a little yellow goes a long way, and in this quilt, it goes a little too far. If I were doing it over, (I’m not – it doesn’t bother me that much) I’d use the purple diamonds in pace of the gold ones. Then again, I might go back to the original idea of all scraps in those diamonds.

Which brings me to “Spools & Bobbins 3”, which isn’t finished yet, but here’s a block:

Common Thread by Anne Wiens 2014

Common Thread by Anne Wiens 2014

This block goes back to the scrap diamonds, but instead of an off-white border, uses the same white-on-white for all of the background. All of the blocks in “Spools & Bobbins 3” will have the same teal blue “thread”, and there will be more diamonds in the borders.

This one will be the most contemporary of the three quilts. I’ve toyed with taking it Amish or Modern, using all solid colors and either a black or white background.

Now…for the 100 Blocks, Volume 9 give-away.

Leave a comment below and tell me, how many spools of thread would you guess (you don’t have to count them) do you have in your collection, and what is the most common color?

One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the week.

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293 thoughts on “900 and Counting – Quiltmaker Rolls Out A New Issue

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  1. buntyw

    Great block!
    I’m going to guess around 50 – white is the most popular!


  2. Donna W

    I would guess around 75 spools. I love thread, but try to use them up before I buy more. Tans and grays are the piecing colors I use most.


  3. gaylemitchel

    Oh dear. After scanning thru the comments, my diagnosis is, “I’ve got it bad!” Serging, machine quilting, hand quilting, embroidery, regular sewing cotton and poly, plus thread on wodden spools (from my mother and grandmother just for memories and not to be used) I would guess I have more than 1,000 spools – most stored in plastic containers on my sewing room closet shelves, all sorted by color. The predominant color is probably green, in all ot’s lovely variations, intensities and tones. Yup, I’ve got it bad!


  4. sweet block idea, great Blog, and thanks for tje book to have at hand-chance.


  5. Cynthia Knapp

    I have probably around 60-70 spools of thread with the most common color of off white. I really love your Common Thread block. Congratulations on being chosen for the magazine and thank you for sharing.


  6. postcards4ever

    oh my gosh, I love your block!!! I am a scrappy kind of a person so I love the scrappy version best. In fact, I think I am going to have to make it. As for how many spools of thread that I have…perhaps 40-50 and I think almost everyone of them is a different color!


  7. Nicole

    If you’re counting all types of thread, I’m afraid I’d have to guess about 1000. There’s sewing, embroidery, quilting, etc., thread. Most common color, probably beige. Your block is really cute.


  8. teri c

    I would have to guess over 100 spools. Most common color would be neutral tan.


  9. Donna Joy

    200 or so spools of thread, even some of my grandmothers thread. every color, but them there is the embroidery thread, and then the thousands of buttons.


  10. Donna Brisbin

    What an adorable spool block!
    I think I have around 50 spools, too…many colors due to having an embroidery machine.

    Donna B


  11. Love that this one can be pieced scrappy (and hope you’ll do another one for the “Quilts From…” issue)! I won’t say there was too much yellow (I thought it gave the center a glow) but love your idea of adding purple — I would have loved them alternating with the yellows. With regards to being the last block in the issue, for once, it’s not bad to be last!


  12. Regina Harris

    I probably have over 150 spools with the most common color being green.


  13. Love your block. I don’t have a huge thread collection, maybe 30 spools.


  14. catskillquilter

    I am guessing over 250 spools, with the most being greens. Nope, I do not like greens that much!


  15. Shar

    How many spools do I have? That is a hard question. I have so many shades of the rainbow. I have over 200 spools. This is because I have a longarm quilting business and need different thread for that. I have fallen in love with your site. I will be visiting often.


  16. Laura

    I probably have about 45 spools. A lot of them are neutrals especially whites.


  17. Bonnie

    What a great block! I love the way it goes together in Spools & Bobbins 2. I have about 50 spools of thread, mostly gray and cream.


  18. Sharlene B

    Congrats on being featured. I’ve got around 120 spools that are very heavy on the greens. Thanks for the giveaway.


  19. Love your spool block. Oh…hard question…must have at least 600 spools of thread…lots of rayon for machine embroidery. I would say that I have more in the pink, reds, all the way to burgundy color family. Now I’m curious…will have to count them all!! Am so glad for the opportunity to possibly win Vol. 9!! thank you.


  20. Steph

    I don’t even know where to start to guess number of spools. I have a large bin of my own, and a few boxes I’ve been given. I’d take a wild guess and say maybe 250. And, without looking, I’d guess there’s a tie these days between neutral off-white and blues.


  21. Andresa

    My spools are scattered in various places. While I don’t think any one color is predominant, I’d guesstimate the number of spools to be around 50.


  22. cdahlgren2013

    I’m going to guess about 25, of all different colors. I love using a lot of color in my quilts. I can’t wait to do your block. I need a nametag for guild, and I’m hoping I can shrink it somehow to make myself a name tag. I would also like to make a mini quilt of all different colors of thread for my sewing room.


  23. oh well over 50, I have a ton of orange right now because of 2 recent and 2 upcoming projects!


  24. Pat O

    I LOVE this block! I need to get the magazine just for this. As far as thread goes, I probably have about 100, but that includes embroidery thread for my low-end embroidery machine. Sewing thread is probably closer to 75 .. with bobbins to match! Thanks!


  25. Bernie S

    I guess I have about 40 spools, with lots of white, or shades of white. I also have quite a few multi-colors.


  26. Vivian

    I have around 30 spools of thread. A lot are in the brown color way since I applique a lot. Love the yellow pop of colors in your blocks. So cute!


  27. I probably have around 40 but my favorites are 50wt Aurifil!


  28. I bet that I’m undercounting but…I think I have about 70 🙂


  29. Lisa E

    I would guess about 20 spools. They are mostly neutrals (grey, beige, black, white, etc.)


  30. Janis T

    Cute block! I have maybe 30 spools of usable thread (I have some old wooden spool thread) in mostly neutral colors.


  31. My guess for cotton quilting thread is 12 – those are mostly neutral (navy, grey, black, white, ecru); if I need to count all the other thread I use for sewing…add another 50 or so? Those are quite the rainbow of colors!


  32. My guess is about 50, beige the main color, love the spools wooden threat and I have a few, and that`s why I love your block


  33. A really great spool block. I would guess that I have around 100 spools of thread and I have a lot of different blues. Thank you for a chance to win.


  34. Elaine M.

    I would estimate 143 spools of thread….and the most would likely be green.


  35. Debbie P

    I probably have about 350 different spools of thread. So many projects … so much thread!!! 🙂 Thanks or the cute design!


  36. I probably have a couple of hundred and blues seem to dominate. Probably because I use them the least.


  37. Diann Cornell

    I’m guessing 200 spools and blue is the most common color.


  38. I’d guess about 75 spools!


  39. Probably 25-30 spools. White is definitely the most common color.


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