An Autumn Scrap Basket…by Chris

You know the best part about being a designer? It’s seeing what other people do with my designs.

I found this photo in my inbox this morning. It’s from Chris Browning, a friend of mine who moved to upstate New York not long ago:

Chris' Scrap Basket 2013She wrote: “I needed a break the other day so I went in search of your blog and fell in love with your bountiful Table pattern. I love fall colors so attached is what I made! It was a lot of work but I have plans for a red, white and blue one for the 4th and where you have the white around the baskets I think I will applique some stars! “

I love the autumn colors, Chris, and can’t wait to see the red, white and blue version!

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One thought on “An Autumn Scrap Basket…by Chris

  1. It is so true. I wish people weren’t so shy about sending photos to us. When someone buys a pattern directly from me I always ask to see photos (no time limit!) when they are done, and some do, but often they say “Oh, I wouldn’t want to bother you” or “I’d hate to show you the mess I make of your pattern” or some such thing. It is so NOT a bother and we love everything people do! Chris did a great job with yours!


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