In a Spin

The county fair is happening this week, and it always wraps up with a spectacular fireworks show on Sunday night. To celebrate my new blog, I decided to treat you to a new block that reminds me of  a firework that when launched, spins into the air before exploding. I call it “The Spinner”.

To make this block, you will need one 6.5″ square for the center. You will also need twelve 2.5″ assorted print squares and sixteen 2.5″ white squares. 

Step 1 is to make twelve half-square triangles (HSTs).


To make these HSTs, pair each 2.5″ print square with a 2.5″ white square, right sides together, of course. Draw a diagonal line on the white square and sew ON THE LINE. Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but quilters often sew to the sides of the line out of habit.

Trim 1/4″ to one side of the seam and press open.

I nearly always press my seams open, but you can press to the dark side if you prefer.


Lay out your pieces with the HST’s surrounding the 6.5″ square, and 2.5″ white squares in the corners. Sew the three left side HSTs together and sew to the left side of the center square. Next sew the three right side HSTs together and sew to the right side of the center square. Then sew the three top HSTs together, add the white corner squares and sew to the top of the block, and repeat for the bottom strip to complete your “Spinner” block.


The unfinished block should measure 10.5″ x 10.5″.    

Of course, the next question is, what are you going to do with a 10″ (finished) block?. Well, you could string four or five  together, add a border and have a festive tablerunner. One block could ne the start of a placemat.  One block with a few layers of leftover batting (or a layer of Insulbrite(tm) batting would make a large hot pad. I have plans drawn up for a receiving blanket quilt and a lap-size quilt that I will share with you soon. 

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One thought on “In a Spin

  1. Sherill

    Love the fabric choice! Nice!


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